Why choose DoTERRA?

These are my favourite brand of oils.  The two main reasons are: they are 100% pure and they are co-impact sourced.

They work on a physical level offering a range of natural solutions and emotionally.

Ingested, applied topically or diffused they feel like an indulgence but soon become part of your everyday life.

Co-impact Sourcing

Helping the community

Not only are these oils sourced from the location where they grow best they are also gathered in a sustainable way supporting the community where they are supplied.

Wintergreen Nepal

Frankincense Somalia

100% Natural

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®

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How to use the oils

The list is endless

Making your home smell good by using the essential oils is just the beginning. Adding them to your beauty routine such as in moisturiser or shampoo or in your cooking to add a really fresh taste is a great way to add benefits and delete toxins in your life.

Would you like acquire some oils?

I have the range of oils if you would like to order. Please contact me.