Our Story

In 2010 I was told to watch an ABC documentary about happiness. It piqued my interest in a time when I was bogged down by the frustrations of life while simultaneously knowing how lucky I was but not fully appreciating it.

I researched happiness extensively and was excited by the logical, practical methods we can use to improve our life.  I started workshops in my home and loved listening to the stories shared. After realising the power of our mind, came the focus to treat our body with respect, not only with food and exercise but also the products we use every day.

Now I am a single mother who works part time as a Secondary School teacher living life with my son and dog on the Morning Peninsula. I love a project and am excited to share with you what I know.

Meet the Team

My son Harper & side kick Oscar are a huge inspiration & my reason for striving for a more natural & mindful approach to everyday life.

Cath Tainsh


Mr. H



The Boss

Next Steps...

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